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Vincent Santeng is the founder and head of PMCT Accountants & Consultants and Absolute Financial Software Solutions. He is a business owner and investor with interests in various industries, including banking, insurance, financial software development, education, training, FX remittance and brokerage, stock market and clearing, manufacturing, retail, estate management, commodities, and minerals mining. Vincent is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana), a Fellow of the ACCA, and holds an MBA from Manchester Business School and a PGDIP from a top London University.

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Management & Industries 

Vincent Santeng's diverse roles include leading finance teams in manufacturing and retail, being a partner in an accountancy and audit practice, senior consulting for banking and financial projects, financial analysis for insurance and brokerage firms, managing risk and compliance, overseeing financial product development, and directing business analysis for trading desks including derivatives.

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Exposure & Discipline

Vincent Santeng's expertise covers both business and IT cycles, encompassing tasks like analysis, evaluation, development, implementation, and management in a range of industries. Having spent more than 18 years in London City, he collaborated with companies that focused on financial software, market operations, consultancy, as well as banking sectors such as retail, commercial, and investment.


Vincent Santeng is widely acknowledged as a global 'all-rounder' by colleagues, clients, associates, and training participants. With a presence on all continents and engagements in over 40 countries, he grasps the benefits of cultural diversity. His expertise spans processes, analysis, evaluation, development, implementation, and management for both business and technology aspects. He's a Fellow of the ACCA and holds an MBA from Manchester Business School, along with a PGDIP from Westminster University.


Vincent Santeng is an entrepreneur with over 35 years’ experience working as investment banker, accountant, consultant, lead facilitator as business trainer, business analyst, risk management and portfolio analysis manager, auditor, tax strategist and consultant, IT strategist, data analyst and financial markets software designer, compliance officer, project manager and programme director. Vincent is recognised by many including colleagues, clients, associates, and training attendees (candidates), as amongst 'all-rounders’ of present times globally.  He has worked in many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and South America as accountant, consultant, and trainer.

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