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RMCT Center, previously owned by PMCT Accountants and Consultants and supported by Absolute Financial Software Solutions (AFSS) from January 2005 to December 2018, underwent a transfer in January 2019. It became a division of Financial Consulting and Training Centre (FCTC) Limited.

Founded in 2005 by Vincent Santeng, RMCT aimed to be a leading consulting firm specializing in compliance, risk assessment, implementation, and oversight.


RMCT Risk Management is a consultancy focused on enterprise risk management and compliance. We help organisations effectively manage risk, comply with regulations, and minimise losses.

Our differentiating factor is RMCT Capacity Assurance, a comprehensive solution that enables organisations to identify, measure, and monitor risk across their operations. With our tailored approach, we assist you in understanding, managing, and addressing risk based on your specific needs.

Enterprise Approach to Management

At RMCT Centre, we provide personalised solutions and unique strategies with a fresh perspective. Our dedicated team eases your burdens, understanding the challenges you face. For consulting and training services to drive business growth, schedule an introductory meeting today.

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Human Resource Management 

Our team consists of skilled professionals with over 20 years of experience in various disciplines, including accounting, consulting, investment banking, business analysis, project management, training, software development, and IT support. They are highly experienced trainers in their respective fields.


RMCT Centre is a respected consultancy and training provider with expertise in risk management and compliance. Our comprehensive services ensure regulatory compliance and drive business growth. Our diverse team of experts comes from banking, consulting, accounting, auditing, and financial compliance oversight backgrounds. With their market knowledge, we offer tailored solutions for project planning, business analysis, and crisis management. Vincent Santeng, our leader, provides invaluable leadership and guidance.


RMCT Centre stands out by surpassing theoretical concepts and proposals of Accord standards. Since 2005, we have built a solid track record, successfully coaching and training numerous organisations and individuals. Our continuous growth in candidate numbers each year is driven by referrals from satisfied clients. We have established partnerships with consultants, accountants, regulators, financial market experts, lecturers, and software engineers, enabling us to provide comprehensive training and implementation solutions at RMCT Centre, drawing upon diverse expertise from various fields.

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