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Governance and Responsibilities

Corporate Governance forms the foundation of an organisation, comprising both executives and non-executives. It holds the exclusive responsibility of determining the range of considerations, formulating operational policies, and establishing the structure necessary to uphold and attain the entity's integrity and objectives. Boards of directors play a pivotal role in defining the vision, mission, goals, periodic targets, and overall organisational culture.

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Board Events & Process

The board of directors plays a crucial role in defining and guiding the end-to-end process, including obtaining regulatory approval for the regulatory business plan (RBP).

Business Meeting

Stakeholders Interests

The board of directors holds the responsibility of meeting the expected interests of various stakeholders, acknowledging the diverse groups involved.

Broader Areas of Corporate Governance

Our objective is to support organisations in establishing direction, defining expectations, assigning responsibilities, managing risk, developing strategies to enhance processes, aligning existing processes with new challenges, and achieving objectives. Our recommendations are tailored to the unique needs of each organisation and take into account the following factors:

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